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Your child's safety is at the heart of everything we do and drives us to keep learning and innovating; continuing to develop the newest, safest and most efficient fleet of school buses in the region

Inspecting The Fleet

The Fleet Inspector is key member of the STS team and a pivotal role in our safety provision. So what does a fleet inspector do? MORE

‘the Extended Classroom’

Children's Road Safety Partnership announced between STS and RoadSafetyUAE MORE

Birthday Fairy

Every month we wish more than 400 students Happy Birthday on our school buses! MORE

Parent Meet & Greet

Handing over your child into someone else's care is a big deal and we never underestimate the weight of this responsibility... MORE

Meet Our Monitor

Ever wondered what happens on the school bus once it picks up your little one and pulls away? MORE

Stop Means Stop

New laws carrying hefty fines and penalties are introduced to safeguard the areas around school buses. MORE

New Seatbelt Laws

STS applauds the announcement of new seatbelt laws for cars on UAE roads... MORE

Ghaf Tree Planting Initiative

Marking International Mother Earth Day 2017, a team of 40 STS volunteers took part MORE

Go By Bus?

It's fun, it's safe and it just makes sense... MORE

Our Fleet

STS owns and operates one of the largest and newest fleets of school buses in the region. Each day more than 2,000 buses transport over 70,000 students to and from school... MORE

Take A Closer Look...

Take a look at our work and see why STS is the only choice for School Transport Services