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Can you please tell STS that yesterday driver Gireesh was great. I want to thank him driving safely

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Want to surprise your child with a special greeting on his/her B'day?

Let us know, and we shall convey your special B'day msg to him/her by giving a B'day greeting card while on bus.

Want to send him/her a special gift, just drop it with us and we shall make his/her B'day morning very special.

(Notify us minimum 10 Days in Advance)

Note: Applicable for STS/BBT bus-using children ONLY.


Parents Contest- October 2015

Dear Parents,

Greetings from the team of STS.

Please find below the Contest for October 2015.

One Winner will announced by 1st week of November 2015.

Winner will walk away with ONE Term Bus Fee Waive off for 1 child.

All Entries must include Parent Name, Student Name, School, Grade, Contact Number and Student ID No.

Answers to be sent before 25th October 2015 on

Q) All of you are using the Bus service to pick and drop your children every day. But there are many parents who do not opt for the Bus service for their child and instead use private mode of transport to pick and drop their children Time and again we educate all parents through various campaigns about ‘how safe the school bus ride is and all children must take the bus so that traffic can be controlled on the road during the peak hours’ If you as a parent are to team up with STS, How would you explain parents the benefits of using the school bus for their child or explain them why they must opt for the bus service.

The parent with the BEST answer would be announced and contacted by 1st week of November 2015.

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