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Safety Guide

3. Students’ Responsibilities

Students must bear their share of responsibility for safety while travelling in school buses. The privilege of any student to ride a school bus is conditioned upon their good behavior and observance of the rules and regulations set forth by the school and transport operator. Certain levels of conduct are expected of any and all students riding the bus. All students shall conduct themselves in a manner conducive to the safe transportation of all. No conduct will be tolerated that will in any way cause distraction of a driver’s attention that might result in unsafe operation of the bus. Students are expected to respect the authority of the bus driver and obey his/her instructions. If the rules are followed, all concerned can expect to have a safe bus trip.

While Waiting To Board the Bus

  • Arrive at your assigned bus stop five (5) minutes ahead of the bus. The driver cannot wait for you.
  • Do not play in the path of traffic and stand well away from the road when the bus approaches.
  • Remember the danger zone around the bus. The danger zone is anywhere close enough to the bus to touch it. The bus driver cannot see you when you are in the danger zone.
  • Do not damage other people’s property while waiting for the bus.
  • Avoid making excessive noise.
  • Fighting at bus stops and on the way to and from school should be avoided.
  • Never run alongside the bus when the bus is moving. Wait until the bus stops and the driver signals and then walk to the door and board the bus in an orderly manner. DO NOT PUSH OR SHOVE.

While Riding On the Bus

  • Obey the driver’s instructions. The driver of a school bus is in complete charge of students while they are on the bus. Complaints regarding discipline on the bus will be taken to the Principal.
  • The driver / bus conductor has the authority to assign seats.
  • Students shall remain properly seated while the bus is in motion.
  • The windows of the bus must be closed at all time. On no account does any passenger have the right to open a window of a bus. This is in keeping with the preventive measures against any injury to the passenger.
  • Refrain from talking to the driver except in an emergency.
  • No one shall tamper with any equipment or operate any part of the bus.
  • Do not mar or deface the bus. Students caught damaging bus equipment will be subject to disciplinary action and/or restitution.
  • There should not be any fighting or profanity on the bus or any loud disturbances.
  • Students must not wave or shout at pedestrians or occupants of other vehicles. Do not throw objects from bus windows.
  • Eating in the bus is not permitted. Save snacks for snack time at school or till you get home. They may spill or you may choke if the bus goes over a bump.
  • Use of tobacco products or drugs is prohibited.
  • Bullying / fighting, use of abusive language is not permitted.
  • Students are required to ride their assigned bus, unless they have written approval from the Customer Care Executive of STS.

While leaving the bus

  • When you leave the bus, hold the handrail and take two large steps away from the bus.
  • In case you need to cross a street, ensure that you cross it in front of the bus. Walk ahead at least ten giant steps (three metres). Cross only when the driver gives a signal.
  • If you drop something near the bus, don’t pick it up. Tell the driver or another adult.
  • If everyone is getting off the bus, the people in the front leave first. Do not push.
  • Be familiar with the rules of emergencies.