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‘The facility at STS is state-of-the-art. It was very enlightening trip. Good work and keep-

Mrs. Asha Ajesh, Parent,


School Transportation Services

Vehicle Safety and Maintenance

Vehicle Safety and Maintenance

STS Auto Services, the own workshop of School Transport Services, maintains more than 1500 own vehicles and also undertakes outside works including the works of leading insurance companies. STS Auto Services promotes, delivers and supports a strong team of certified technicians and fleet managers.

Through strong in-house training programs and outside industry and education sources, our maintenance teams keep themselves at the leading edge of service technology.

Using the individual talents of our technical staff, we continually develop and enhance our fleet management strategies and program.

Preventative Maintenance

Our in-house software manages the logistics of the fleet to help ensure prompt and effective preventative and predictive maintenance of our vehicles.

The system provides an effective scheduling tool for a comprehensive series of vehicles inspections and running repairs.

Our maintenance teams are involved in ongoing research and development in fleet management, vehicle specifications, and the latest safety features and equipment.

We work closely with bus manufacturers in continuing efforts to improve the safety, reliability and efficiency of our vehicles.

Vehicles we purchase meet or exceed the regulatory requirements for the jurisdictions within which we operate.

Our maintenance team work hand-in-hand with the appropriate regulatory and enforcement agencies to ensure the safety and efficiency of all equipment.

STS Fleet

  • Our goal is to provide the optimum vehicle configuration for each customer's needs.
  • Primary fleets consist mainly of 14, 22, 30, 52 and 72 passenger buses, in order to maximize efficiencies of operation, flexibility and maintenance.
  • We specify that all vehicles we purchase must meet or exceed the regulatory requirements for the jurisdictions we operate within.
  • The majority of our fleet is equipped with diesel engines in order to provide safe, clean and efficient transportation.
  • Fleet replacement is based on the customers' need in conjunction with life-cycle costing evaluation providing the most cost effective and safe vehicles.
  • Our maintenance teams work hand-in-hand with the appropriate regulatory and enforcement agencies to ensure the safety and efficiency of all equipment.

Outsourcing Benefits

Transporting large number of students and meeting all safety standards is a very complex operation. Schools have serious business of educating and training students and any operation such as transportation would be a major distraction to them.

School transportation is no longer a routine pick up and drop off of students. It has now become a specialized field. The service sectors have seen a revolutionary growth both in terms of quality and delivery. Outsourcing of transport has taken care of both these values. Safety of students and quality of transportation is as vital as Education and Healthcare.

A continuous research on school transportation is going on in various parts of the world; seminars, conferences and discussions are held regularly. Understanding the importance of school transportation, the Road Transport Authority in Dubai has taken the initiative to implement bus specifications in September 2008. Many schools across the world have outsourced transportation to reputed transport companies specializing in school transportation. The outsourcing of school transportation by GEMS schools in Dubai, in 2008 was well appreciated by the authorities and the parents. The spokesperson of the Ministry of Education praised the move of the GEMS schools in outsourcing the school transportation and recommended the other private schools across the country to adopt the same approach.

Outsourcing school transportation not only helps the schools but also the parents as they can avail safe and quality transportation for their wards and spares them from the tedious and expensive exercise of dropping and picking up the children by themselves. It reduces traffic on the roads and helps to reduce the number of vehicles at the parking zone of the schools which is unsafe and dangerous for the small children moving around.

Going Green - A recent study indicates that more than 65,000 students of private schools do not use school transportation in Dubai which means that a similar number of cars and vans are being used by the parents to drop the students. An article published in Gulf News on 17th February, 2010 highlights how the traffic emissions pose a major threat to the environment. "Petrol and Diesel Engine vehicles emit a variety of pollutants, principally carbon monoxide (CO), nitrogen oxides (NOx), volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and particulates (PM10) whose impact on urban air quality is negative and alarming. According to Municipality statistics Dubai has 1,021,880 vehicles on its roads producing over 23.3 million kg of CO2 each day. Cars running on petrol are responsible for around 82% of the fumes."

School transportation certainly helps to reduce the carbon emission and makes the country a safer place to stay.