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‘It was a great pleasure for the students of The Millennium School, Dubai to get a wonderful o

The Millennium school Students,



Sultan Mohammed Zahurudeen,  Parent

July 07 2015

Thanks and I appreciate all the staff and team members of sts transport co you all are doing excellent service keep it up and God bless.

Maryam Patel, Parent Gems Winchester,  

January 26 2015

The last school day before winter break, the bus service was not available parents were requested to pick up their children after the class party was over, however STS still ensured that they provide their services and commitment, that day they were late as the school dispatched the children late after the class party which initially disturbed us, but the drivers and conductor were constantly in touch with us till our child was dropped off back home. Just a short note to say thank you so much to the conductor and drivers. We will certainly continue to use the bus service for this year 2015 as well. Always punctual, always in contact, my memories so far are all good..

Mukesh Nakarani,  

January 22 2015

Whenever, I am recalling Year 2014 and school children bus, my eyes are full of tears by recalling Abu Dhabi based incident where four year old girl, Nizha Ala, who died after allegedly being left locked inside her school bus. I can feel that how every moments Nizha has passed inside bus from morning 8:00 am to 12 noon on that day. My full sympathy is with Nizha’s family and may her soul rest in peace. However, at the same time we should learn from this incident. The school bus should be equipped with world class safety instruments. Also, there should be strict manual procedure to be followed, where this facility is not available. Thank god, my kid is using STSS bus service where modern world class safety is already provided to mitigate that kind of incidents.

Pipsa,  Lomamatkat Dubai

January 20 2015

Can you please tell STS that yesterday driver Gireesh was great. I want to thank him driving safely in very bad weather condition. We did have departure and arrival from Ras al Khaimah. Roads were floating badly but with Gireesh we manage very well.