School Transport Services
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Parent- Saliha Afsal, Our Own High School, Al Warqa,


Why STS?

STS Bus Features and More

Global Positioning System (GPS)

All STS buses are equipped with GPS tracking devices. These devices enable live tracking of vehicles and student's movements on real time basis. This is done to maintain high level of safety for students inside the buses.

  • Real-time Information ensures:
  • Adherence to Schedule
  • Monitoring Driving behavior
  • Accurate Invoicing
  • A Step towards becoming a green fleet
  • Better fleet supervision
  • Improved response time
  • Lower fuel cost & reduced maintenance cost

Electronic Attendance

All the buses are fitted with scanners. Students are issued with Bar Coded ID cards and their boarding / de-boarding are captured on real-time basis. The STS Bar code card-based system for student tracking is the largest in School Transportation industry.

  • Electronic attendance system ensures:
  • Accurate attendance
  • Improved fee management
  • Students dropped at right stop
  • Ensures no child is left unattended inside bus
  • Travelling in different buses (by mistake) avoided
  • Students handed over to right person

Video Surveillance System

All STS buses are installed with Video Surveillance System (CCTVs). The system provides recording on the purpose built rugged Digital Video Recorder (DVR)

We have carried out due diligence to ensure that the video surveillance system is fool proof and cannot be tampered with.

  • Continuous monitoring during travel ensures:
  • Children are protected from physical deterrent.
  • Deters student violence & enhances Safety
  • Enforces student behavior code
  • Evidence recorded & improves investigations
  • Protects drivers & improves employee satisfaction

Sleeping Child Check Button

Leaving a child unattended inside the bus is a biggest challenge faced in the school transport system which is eliminated through the concept of No Passenger Board or Sleeping Child Check Button.

Panic Button

This feature is used by drivers during emergency situations. It enables the Crisis Management team to attend situation effectively.

Control Room Operations

All STS Buses are installed with internationally acclaimed CCTV's, Security Systems, GPS, Scanners, etc. Through this the exact location of the bus, the entry, exits of all students etc. is monitored live on the control room screen from the beginning to the end of the journey.

This Data for the attendees of students and the movement of the vehicles, etc. are retained for a period of 6 months, which also includes digital video recordings for over 4 months.

Our Staff in the Control room are monitoring the screens daily from early morning hours, until late evening.

In case of any traffic or delay, all parents are updated via SMS informing them about the delay.

Excellent Fleet Management

Here at STS, we believe in providing all the students and passengers, safe, secure and reliable experience. Few of things listed below indicate our efforts for achieving that:

  • For all our students we try and create an environment in and around the school bus that makes the journey to and from school an integral part of a pupil's learning.
  • Highly safe and Professional team of drivers is developed who act as representatives of STS, and they are all equipped with the tools and training necessary to deliver the best.
  • Instill in our staff and drivers an understanding of STS brand of service and provide an experience of being a part of STS by training them
  • Being Available for Athletic and filed trips

The Best Trained Drivers

'Trained to drive safely. For comments please call 800-STSS' proudly displayed on all STS buses to get the feedback from the public.

Our drivers rank among the best-trained commercial vehicle drivers on the road internationally.

They undergo:

  • Initial pre-service comprehensive training program.
  • At least 80 hours of training in technical skills, bus environment management, student discipline and customer service during the first year of employment,
  • They participate in classroom, practical and homework sessions. Trainer evaluation and a final road and written test determine a driver's qualification.
  • Training in an internationally renowned Training company, organized by the RTA , medical test/ drug and alcohol test and a background check before obtaining their School Bus driving license.

All STS drivers participate in Continuous Professional Development programs which include...

  • Defensive Driving Refresher Course.
  • School Bus Driver Improvement Course.
  • Student Behavior Management.
  • Emergency Evacuation.
  • Pre-Trip and post- trip Inspections.

Strategic partner of RTA

School Transport Services signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Road Transport Authority of Dubai on 16th December, 2009 to support and consolidate their strategic partnership in order to unify the efforts to provide services to all classes of customers and to reflect the result of providing such services in social and economic fields.

Through this MOU, RTA & STS will use their best endeavors to consolidate the concept of sustainable transport in the Emirate of Dubai and to offer more transport options to employees thus reducing traffic jams in peak hours. This MOU will also help to exchange institutional knowledge, experiments and experiences in all fields.

ISO 9001:2008 and OHSAS 18001:2007 STS is the only ISO Certified School Transport provider having ISO 9001:2008 Quality System Certifications (UKAS Management Systems) and OHSAS 18001:2007 (Occupational Health and Safety) Swiss System Certification for the scope of provision of transport services to the Schools, Hotels and Tourism in the UAE.


STS has always emphasized the need of choosing School Bus transport for children. It has always been our endeavor to make a positive contribution to the environment by reducing energy consumption and carbon emission, cutting down on air pollution and attempts to reduce the traffic. We, at STS foresee and are committed to a better, greener environment.

In recognition of our safe, secure and environment friendly transport service solutions to over 55,000 children in the UAE, STS was selected for the prestigious DAST award in the year 2010 (for school transportation), and again in 2012 (for School Transportation and Transport Safety)


The Quality of service that School Transport Services LLC provides to the over 55,000 plus customers was once again recognized. At an official ceremony held at Sheikh Rashid Hall, Dubai World Trade Centre in April 2012, STS was awarded the DQAP (DUBAI QUALITY APPRECIATION PROGRAM) award. This award was introduced by Department of Economic Development, Government of Dubai with the objective to organize, regulate and boost trade and industry within the Emirate of Dubai.