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Dubai Chamber CSR Label Honours STS

March 29, 2020

The Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry honoured 35 companies for their corporate social responsibility and sustainability efforts during a recognition ceremony held on 9th March 2020.

The CSR label is the highest benchmark for CSR and sustainability efforts, which companies in the region aspire to acknowledged by. 377 Dubai Chamber CSR Labels have been awarded to businesses since its launch in 2010. This hounour enhances the recipient’s reputation in the market and sets an example for the rest of the business community.

Receiving this revered recognition for the fourth time in a row, throws light on STS’s strong commitment towards social responsibility and measures taken to integrate CSR into the heart of the company’s operations. We have a robust health and safety system in place to ensure the well being  of our people, with initiatives like Driver Classroom Training, Behind the Wheel Training, Risk Assessment Training and training courses to certify mental health counselors to create a conducive and supporting work environment.

Being environmentally conscious, STS has taken numerous measures to reduce carbon footprint, e-waste recycling, testing of bio fuels. One of the main areas of focus has been our volunteering efforts to support our community partners such as Smart Life Foundation and Emirates Environment group.

We would like to thank the Dubai Chamber for creating a framework for enhancing our CSR performance and evaluating and our CSR journey. The recent addition of new categories such as Workplace, Marketplace, Community and Environment categories under the Dubai Chamber CSR Label framework is encouraging to companies of the region, to improve CSR practices and maximise social impact.

This honour has allowed us to create a road map for the future and where we will be aiming to focus our efforts on strengthening employee welfare policies and practices and integrating people of determination into our workforce.


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