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Get On Board the SMARTER Safety Bus

March 29, 2020

The Smart Safety Bus underwent a massive technological upgrade, take a tour with us.

Geared with state-of-the-art technologies, the Smart Safety Bus houses some truly unique capabilities such designed to keep students safe at all times. The Smart Safety Bus has gotten a whole lot smarter in 2020. Along with its previous features such as GPS tracking, CCTV surveillance systems, Alert Button and Child Check Button, 3 new enhancements were recently introduced: Driver Fatigue Camera, RFID System and Motion Sensor technologies.


One of the Smart Buses many unique features, is the fatigue detection system. It consists of a driver-facing camera, mounted on the driver’s dashboard with a full view of his face and eyes. The camera utilizes pupil identification technology to analyze the driver’s blink rate. It picks up other fatigue indicating behavior such as yawning and head drooping. Behaviour such as mobile usage and oral intake also trigger warnings.

The camera is accompanied by an R-watch, mounted on windshield, that acts as an early warning system delivering audio messages to the driver to rectify risky behaviour and notifies the Operations Control Centre of the same. The system maintains a video record for each alert, for post incident analysis and evaluation.


Installed near the driver’s seat in all our Smart Buses, is an RFID scanner. Designated students of each bus are issued RFID cards, which are scanned when they get on and off the bus, enabling our Operations Control Centre to track student movement. This encrypted data is more reliable and secure than traditional bar code scanners and can be continuously monitored in real time by the Operations Control Centre. Parents can monitor bus arrival and departure timings and real time information on their ward through the STS Smart App.


Our Smart Buses are equipped with passive motion sensors that are activated when the vehicle is isolated. These sensors detect even the slightest body movement. They add an additional level of security to the Child Check Button feature of the bus. Upon detection of movement, the sensor immediately alerts the Operations Control Centre. This allows the Operations Control Centre team to take immediate action such as informing parents and establishing contact with the child through the driver’s radio walkie.

With these technological boosts the Smart Safety Bus reinforces its commitment towards safe, timely and smart transportation to and from school.


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