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STS Operations Control Centre

A full-fledged operations control centre is a unique feature of STS’s operations. A dedicated and highly trained team monitors the movement of all vehicles installed with GPS, round the clock and records the driving pattern of each driver for performance analysis.

All STS buses are installed with internationally acclaimed CCTV, security systems, GPS, RFID scanners and other safety features. This allows the team to monitor the exact location of the bus, the entries, exits of all students throughout its journey. This data can be seen live on the control centre’s screens.

The data regarding the movement of vehicles and students, is retained for a period of six months, in addition to digital video recordings which are maintained up to ninety days. Our staff in the operations control centre are monitoring the screens constantly, each day. In case of any traffic or delay, all parents are updated via SMS and the STS Smart App.

Our customers and public are welcome to contact the operations control centre at 800 STSS (800 7877) for suggestions, comments or in case of any enquiry.