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Safety News

Safety News

Safety News

Buckle Up Competition Winners

From a raft of impressive, colourful and artistic competition entries,...MORE

School’s Nearly Out, but Sta...

With the end of the school year almost upon us, and the summer tempera...MORE

New UAE Seatbelt Laws

New UAE Seatbelt Laws Announced Laws carrying heavy penalties are pas...MORE

Buckle Up and Win!

Buckle Up and Win! Inspired by the recently introduced UAE seatbelt la...MORE

STOP Means Stop

New laws carrying hefty fines and penalties are introduced to safegua...MORE

Doing the Rounds with a Fleet ...

The Fleet Inspector is key member of the STS team and a pivotal role i...MORE

Spotlight: Bus Monitor, Gina A...

Ever wondered what happens on the school bus once it picks up your lit...MORE

‘The Extended Classroom...

STS, the UAE's biggest private school bus operator enters a strategic ...MORE

Safety awareness begins at hom...

"Traffic accidents are responsible for 63% of deaths among children ag...MORE

School Responsibilities

The Head of School Create awareness of road safety and bus safety amon...MORE

Responsibilities of STS

School Transport Services LLC sets the tone for the safe transportatio...MORE

Preventative Maintenance

Our in-house software manages the logistics of the fleet to help ensur...MORE

ISO 9001:2008 and OHSAS 18001:...

STS is the only ISO Certified School Transport provider having ISO 900...MORE

Outsourcing Benefits

Transporting large number of students and meeting all safety standards...MORE

Safety Guide

Students’ transport safety is our prime concern and we strive hard t...MORE

Panic Button

This feature is installed on all our vehicles and is used by drivers d...MORE

STS Bus Features

STS buses are packed with a host of features designed to make every jo...MORE

In Safe Hands

School bus drivers are perceived to be the safest road users in the U...MORE

Tagging technology focus

Fit all school buses with tagging technology, transport company says.....MORE

Sleeping child check button on...

Two weeks after an Abu Dhabi court sent three people to jail and order...MORE

Bus Conductors’ Responsi...

Our Bus Monitors are carefully selected and highly trained. They ensur...MORE

School Bus Drivers’ Resp...

The conduct of students on a bus has a direct relationship to their sa...MORE

Responsibilities of students a...

It’s important that guardians play an active role in ensuring th...MORE

Parents’ Responsibilitie...

Progress has been made in the improvement of safety and safety awarene...MORE

The Best Trained Drivers

Our drivers are trained to drive safely and they rank among the best...MORE

STS Operations Control Centre

A full-fledged operations control centre is a unique feature of STS...MORE

Sleeping Child Check Button

Leaving a child unattended inside the bus is a biggest challenge faced...MORE

Global Positioning System (GPS...

All STS buses are equipped with GPS tracking devices. These devices en...MORE

Video Surveillance System

All STS buses are installed with Video Surveillance Systems (CCTV). Th...MORE

Electronic Attendance

All the buses are fitted with scanners. Students are issued with bar c...MORE