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Contract Services

In its simplest terms, ‘contracting services’ means bringing in specialists to deliver a service so that you can free up your own resources and focus your time, effort and expertise on the things you do best.

The pressure on schools, and school budgets, is huge and many educational institutions find it cost-effective to contract many types of specialist services like catering and extracurricular activities.

School transportation is integral to the daily functioning of any school. It’s essential that children arrive and leave on schedule, and it is vital that they are safe. Yet the task of running a homegrown school bus operation is vast and burdensome.

Contracting student bus services releases schools from this burden and gives schools:

  • access to improvements in efficiency
  • access to a wide inventory of vehicles and maintenance solutions
  • access to the latest onboard and control-room technology
  • opportunities to bring in industry best-practice in an increasingly legalistic and complex field.

In short, contracting bus services provides a cost-effective solution to student transportation while ensuring that the school delivers the highest levels of service to its parents, students and community.

Why partner with STS?

We’ve been driving children to and from school in the UAE for more than 50 years.

Over the past half-century, our expertise has grown and deepened. We have evolved and kept pace with the development of Dubai’s road network and the UAE’s road safety laws. No one knows how to get children to school more safely and efficiently than we do.

50 years’ worth of vehicle servicing and preventative maintenance has given us a vast inventory of solutions, contacts and options for vehicle replacement, spare parts, fuel and mechanical expertise.

Our customers feel the benefit of our long history in our ability to deliver reliably, professionally and cost-effectively – all done with same passion for our business that we had on day one.

STS’ schools benefit from:

  • Our experience of transporting school children in the UAE for more than 50 years
  • An extensive technology offering – state-of-the-art control room operations, onboard video surveillance, real-time GPS vehicle tracking, vehicle lifetime maintenance software, parent smart app
  • Highly trained, stringently selected drivers and conductors
  • Modern fleet which meets all safety requirements, with regularly renewed vehicles
  • Our focus on high customer satisfaction of schools and parents
  • Flexibility of fully contracted or managed services

Get in touch with STS today and discover how your school can benefit from our contract services.