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Managed Service

Our managed service allows schools to retain ownership of their own vehicles while benefiting from STS’ expertise in running day-to-day services.

Within our contract services, we are able to offer managed service so that schools wanting to retain ownership of their vehicles can do so. STS’ day-to-day management of transport services give schools access to industry-leading technology and in-depth field knowledge and, importantly, frees up their resource to focus on all of the other aspects of the day-to-day running of a school.

Some of the services we offer:

  • Complete analysis of existing operations
  • Route analysis for efficiency and cost-effectiveness
  • Driver and conductor recruitment, safety checks, initial and ongoing training
  • Vehicle fleet review – mechanical inspections, servicing, preventative maintenance
  • Vehicle purchasing or leasing
  • Control room operations – GPS live journey tracking, passenger tracking via scan cards, onboard surveillance camera monitoring, incident management
  • Complete administration of parent bookings and communications

At STS, we understand that no two schools are the same fit, so our approach to managed services is entirely flexible. Whichever elements of control your school wishes to retain, whichever elements of your operation need improvement or support, we have the flexibility, expertise and experience to help you improve on your existing transport service.

We are dedicated to making the administration and management of your school transportation more effective and efficient, so talk to us and discover what a difference we can make.