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Parents’ Responsibilities

Progress has been made in the improvement of safety and safety awareness in the transportation of students. However, one critical area that has not been explored to the fullest extent is that of parents and guardians of the students. Safety awareness must begin and be consistently reinforced at home.

The following points are suggested for parents:

  • Familiarise themselves with school and transport provider policies and procedures pertaining to riding a bus.
  • Know their child’s bus number, telephone numbers of the driver, transport supervisor and CCE (all available at the website).
  • Parents should try to establish the exact time their child should be at the bus stop in the morning.
  • They should also recognise the dangers of students playing at the edge of a busy roadway.
  • Warn their children of the dangers of strangers who appear friendly and hang around bus stops.
  • Provide their child with a school bag to carry all their school supplies.
  • Stress the importance of remaining properly seated and reasonably quiet while aboard the bus.
  • Familiarise them with emergency procedures and danger zones around the bus and suggest they discuss these zones with their children.
  • Make sure children have their bus ID cards.
  • Parents should explain to their child that situations aboard the bus may not always be familiar. The bus might have to take an alternative route, a substitute may be driving the bus, or occasionally another bus might be used. If the child is confused, they need to be encouraged, it is OK to ask the driver questions.
  • Parents should also support policies of the school and transport provider.

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