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Bus Conductors’ Responsibilities

Our Bus Monitors are carefully selected and highly trained. They ensure the safety, comfort and wellbeing of the children on the school bus.

These familiar faces are part of each child’s day on their journey to and from school. Their responsibilities are to:

  • Ensure that students are picked up and dropped off at the designated points agreed upon – from home and in school
  • Handle children carefully, and maintain safety and discipline on the bus
  • Help children to cross roads, where required
  • Communicate with parents politely
  • Report any misbehaviour of the student to the Customer Care Executive of STS
  • Clean the bus after every trip
  • Take daily attendance of students and give report to the Foreman
  • Physically check the bus after every trip to be sure that no child is left behind
  • Ensure the bus is kept neat, tidy and clean internally and externally every day
  • Ensure that the curtains are drawn properly; no lose papers, cloths inside the buses