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School Responsibilities

The Head of School

  • Create awareness of road safety and bus safety amongst the students through various activities.
  • Should be aware of the seating plan of students in the buses, details of the routes and the time taken for picking-up and dropping-off of children.
  • Must enforce rules and regulations concerning transportation of pupils to enable the bus drivers to effectively perform their duties. When cases of indiscipline, damage of buses or any misbehaviour are brought to the attention take necessary disciplinary action including suspension of the student from the bus service.
  • Provide a safe environment in the bus parking zone.
  • Provide necessary training to the conductors/ bus supervisors to take care of the students, to take their attendance in every trip and also etiquettes and manners in dealing with parents and students.
  • Teachers and administration staff of schools must be present at the parking zone to ensure safety of children when they arrive and depart.

The Teachers

  • It should be mandatory that students are provided instructions in school on bus safety and receives one evacuation procedure through Civil Defence at least once a year. Teachers have a golden opportunity to reinforce safety instruction and material in the classroom. Lessons can be geared around transportation according to grade level. Students can be asked to write compositions expressing feelings, reactions and concerns about transportation. Class discussions are beneficial. It just needs a little imagination and effort. Teachers can do some seemingly small things that will help to prevent accidents.
  • Send students on time for buses. Let them not run to catch buses.
  • Teachers should discourage students carry bulky projects or instruments that might block aisles.
  • Speak positively to students about transportation safety.
  • Teachers should have a good knowledge of local rules and regulations regarding transportation.