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Private: Birthday Fairy

Every month we wish more than 400 students Happy Birthday on our school buses! It’s a pretty special start to the day when all your friends, the bus monitor and even the driver join in singing!

And how do all these cards find their way to the right bus on the right day for the right child? Well, that little bit of magic is down to Gina Ababan, bus monitor on the Safa British School — Jumeira route and STS’ Birthday Fairy.

Once Gina has delivered the children safely to school, she heads to STS HQ to start the second part of her job as Chief Birthday Wellwisher.

“About 3 weeks before the child’s birthday, I have to make up the cards so that they can be sent out to be ready to give to the child on the school bus on their birthday.”

“There is a form on the website that parents can fill in to include a message, so I have to put these together and make the cards. Each month, I make between 400 and 500 cards.”

“Each route is different, but on my bus, when it’s someone’s birthday, I make sure that the other children know and I ask them all to join in singing ‘Happy Birthday’. Everyone joins in — even the big kids. I make a fuss and make the day special for them.”

Fill in the Birthday Wishes Form and help us make your child’s big day one to remember.