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School Bus Safety

The safety of the young people on board our vehicles is our first and foremost concern, and this drives everything that we do.

From the painstaking care that we take in selecting and training our drivers, to the state-of-the-art technologies that we use on board and in maintaining our fleet, safety is built into the foundations of all our operations. We continually review and seek to improve our safety standards to ensure that we deliver industry-leading best practices, which include:

Driver and Vehicle Safety

  • Rigorous selection process and background checks for new drivers and conductors
  • Extensive, meticulous training and continued assessment for our drivers
  • GPS vehicle tracking for continuous monitoring of driving performance
  • Rear-cameras to assist drivers when reversing
  • Speed limiters fitted on all vehicles
  • Driver ‘panic’ button – one-click to immediately alert control-room of an incident
  • Extensive vehicle servicing, preventative maintenance and only vehicles less than five years’ old

Child Safety on Board

  • Conductors on all buses
  • Three-point harnesses on all new vehicles
  • Bus behaviour code for all passengers
  • CCTV inside our buses to safeguard all of our passengers and staff, with secure and limited viewing access
  • Special age-appropriate services for our under-fives

Peace of mind for parents and schools

  • Student ID scan-cards to ensure accurate drop-offs, pick-ups and bus-boarding for each child each time they ride
  • STS Smart App for parents – live updates and tracking of your child’s journey
  • Sleeping-child check button – to ensure that no child is inadvertently left behind on any journey
  • GPS tracking of all vehicles to track journeys and driver behaviour in real time

Our cutting-edge safety practices are award-winning and we have been recognised by Dubai Award for Sustainable Transport (DAST) for Transport Safety and School Transportation in 2012.