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News & Features

Panic Button

This feature is installed on all our vehicles and is used by drivers d...MORE

STS Bus Features

STS buses are packed with a host of features designed to make every jo...MORE

In Safe Hands

School bus drivers are perceived to be the safest road users in the U...MORE

Sleeping child check button on...

Two weeks after an Abu Dhabi court sent three people to jail and order...MORE

STS Operations Control Centre

A full-fledged operations control centre is a unique feature of STS...MORE

Sleeping Child Check Button

Leaving a child unattended inside the bus is a biggest challenge faced...MORE

Global Positioning System (GPS...

All STS buses are equipped with GPS tracking devices. These devices en...MORE

Video Surveillance System

All STS buses are installed with Video Surveillance Systems (CCTV). Th...MORE

Electronic Attendance

All the buses are fitted with scanners. Students are issued with bar c...MORE